Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what da fuck in ma shoes???????

today, i fight wif ma kazen..i dun know y, she alwez nk menang je..die sntiase btol'ke?' i syg die, i xnk gado ngn die, but she olwez ckp benda2 yg wat i saket aty but i diam kn je coz xnk gado.. i will 4get all da bad thing she dun 2 me... but she's the type yg remember all da bad thing other people do 2 her...i TERTENGKING die..actually, i xberniat die terase abes...what can i do?? i go out from ma room 2 avoid da fight get more worse...i tkot, if i continue closed wif her... i wll fight again..but if i tggalkn die, xbaek la an?? we dun mean 2 be besh fwen i guess...

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